Wednesday 14 April, 2010

Will Microsoft bring in Slate-Z ?

NO .Its not announced yet. But as a MS fan,I do want a tablet which has a webcam and SD slots.
I do agree Apple’s iPad is truly an innovative product. I don't know if its going to change the publishing industry , but nevertheless it is a revolutionary device, because it will make computing so simple. Kids and oldies will find iPad a much more easier,enjoyable experience than any other Laptop /Smartphone.
Just picture this,
You are in bed along with your toddler and read him/her Winnie the pooh..only the yellow bear is animated and smiles in bright iPad screen.
The grandpa who is about to kick the bucket, can see his grandson’s latest bday pics lying on the hospital bed,just by touching icons.He might not have held a mouse in his entire life and probably never will.  

But now its  a Apple Device, that means its a luxury product which comes with a premium(and in  iPad’s case without a webcam). So obviously users like me look for a device,which offers value for money . As usual we look up to Microsoft.