Friday 28 January, 2011

BSNL Brings iPad to India

Its official…but not quite as usual Apple surprised us….except this is more like shock to the Apple Indians who were waiting for the official iPad launch.

image I am guessing, the only reason BSNL got first preference because its the only service provider with the most 3G coverage. Hope Airtel catches upon soon.

Anyway..according to reports the price starts from 26k for 16 GB Wi-Fi only and the 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi is priced at a outrageous 44k.

The iPad data plans from BSNL is more outrageous than its price Even though the 3G model is offered from BSNL you can still change the SIM (but the ? is which one !!)

Like i said earlier, wait for your right tablet…..

Wednesday 26 January, 2011

ADAM Is Here…Almost

Its been more than a year since I first blogged about Adam. Many like have been waiting for so long, that one wondered whether will it actually come to a store near us. Well good news is..Adam is not a just a concept product (or mythological!) .Its as real as any other tablet and it is here…well almost.
click for more pics in notion ink blog
Rohan of Notion Ink has posted few photos from Honk Kong where the shipping of the first batch has started.
The first batch got sold out in just about 2 weeks (only thru pre-order!!) and this happened without any official launch,a CES keynote,any sort of official advertisement..mere social buzz. Of course there were controversies and technical glitches in the payment gateway, but still this is phenomenal. The prices range start from a modest 18k for an LCD Wi-Fi to 27k for an PixelQi Wi-Fi+3G model, which means its still cheaper than Samsung Galaxy tab!
Btw iPad may be launching this week (Jan 28).No official word nor any info on the telecom partner.Some predict the Wi-Fi only model could be priced between 24-27k which I think is very low. My guess is, it will priced a little more than galaxy atleast and the iphone 3GS (no idea when India will get iPhone 4! )
If you are in plans to get a tablet..wait for 3 months..

Sunday 15 August, 2010

Biggies having a Bad time

First of all a big HI to everyone. Due to obvious reasons (work stress) I haven't been able to blog much this year. Anyways as we celebrate my blog’s 3rd anniversary (Y!), I thought there can never be a better time to restart it. For more personal scoop , keep watching my personal blog [many good stuff in store ;) ]
So if you are a new visitor, you might ask Y Denovos?  Because Denovos brings a new perspective, adds a new dimension, a different view point to the issues you might already know.Alrighty then, lets get down to business.
Yes its true,2010 is even more troublesome than last year. We have been witnessing a lot of new products, developments,releases which also brings in a lot of controversies, complaints , gossips,  etc
A for Apple :iphone-4-bars-gone
A for Apple  was slightly shaken to A for Antennagate. Seconds later Steve Jobs launched iPhone 4 ,  iPhone 3GS looked like a expensive piece of plastic. Steel frame, Hard glass build, slimmer, Retina Display, 2 cameras, Facetime, it had everything required to do things, other phones can’t even think of .

But the problem was, iPhone 4 couldn’t do what most phones can do – seamless reception of network signals. When users covered the iPhone 4 with their palms (which is a common practice of holding a phone) there was zero signal reception. The new design of the iphone 4 was blamed for this.
Finally Jobs had to have a another press conference to blame the media for “unnecessary hype” , complained al smartphones have the same problem (which was nothing but a twisted truth) and announced they would be giving free cases for iphone 4 users, which solved the issue. Now there are rumors that iPhone 5 will be coming very soon (Q4 – 2011 ) so that  Attenagate is closed and A is again for Awesome Apple.

Wednesday 14 April, 2010

Will Microsoft bring in Slate-Z ?

NO .Its not announced yet. But as a MS fan,I do want a tablet which has a webcam and SD slots.
I do agree Apple’s iPad is truly an innovative product. I don't know if its going to change the publishing industry , but nevertheless it is a revolutionary device, because it will make computing so simple. Kids and oldies will find iPad a much more easier,enjoyable experience than any other Laptop /Smartphone.
Just picture this,
You are in bed along with your toddler and read him/her Winnie the pooh..only the yellow bear is animated and smiles in bright iPad screen.
The grandpa who is about to kick the bucket, can see his grandson’s latest bday pics lying on the hospital bed,just by touching icons.He might not have held a mouse in his entire life and probably never will.  

But now its  a Apple Device, that means its a luxury product which comes with a premium(and in  iPad’s case without a webcam). So obviously users like me look for a device,which offers value for money . As usual we look up to Microsoft.

Sunday 14 March, 2010

thank u Tatuaj :)

I ran a  test search for my blog in Baidu  and got  this page with my blog link.  if u have a blog run random test searches like this ...u never know wat u may find