Saturday 31 January, 2009

Call Rates R.I.P.

As Rakesh wanted to buy a new mobile of the smartphone breed ,Dhiru and I were discussing about different mobiles and the new age mobile applications with him.Just then occurred to me that in the near future there will be no more call rates as such.

Let me explain .Almost every smartphone is equipped with 3g, Wi-Fi & other such wireless connectivity solutions. Wi Max and 3g networks have already been launched in some areas of IndiaPicture1.Suppose I have a Smartphone ,so does my friend and we both have a WiMax connection, then I don't have to call or text through the GSM or CDMA connection but I will be using the Gtalk to IM or Skype to call.I will be charged for the data usage only which will be much lesser than call rates.

That means with Internet access everywhere, mobile users can stay connected through the internet itself and not necessarily through traditional networks like GSM .So there will be no more Mobile operators but only Internet service providers.

Yes it will be long time for the entire change but it will surely disrupt the telecom business model and entirely change the rules of the industry.This type of scenario is referred as a strategic inflection point,only the companies which will accept this and adapt future technologies will sustain in the future.

With telecom operators rolling out more networks and smartphones becoming more cheaper, its just a matter of time and it will happen...eventually .

Sunday 25 January, 2009

First Stock it ..then Sell it

Me and my brother were shopping in SPAR and there was Suguna imageChicken stall promoting their ready to cook chicken range by offering fried chicken  for tasting . As bachelors, we thrive on ready to cook ,ready to eat foods.So obviously we were lured towards it [ plus free chicken 65 :)]

We tasted all three variants ,the chk-65 was so good,that we instantly added to our list. The chk manchurian was ok and the chk kofta...well its not worth eating even if its free . So we asked them for a pack of chk 65 and they directed us to the frozen foods section were they were stocked,atleast we thought so... Sadly the section was filled with the koftas and other boring stuffs but not the good  ones. When I told the counter guy, he looked surprised , and went to the section and checked personally.Then he checked with the another guy and said "Sorry sir, we are out of stock ,you can buy the kofta if you want".I said "I don't want that..but why are you selling what you don't have?  "                   When I crossed the section sometime later, only the kofta was on display with no people around .

Communication gap between the stocking staff and selling staff , has resulted in loss of sale for the chk company(I guess many would have been disappointed like me).                                                    A smart idea would have been to give out only the chk65 for tasting and sell a pack of all three variants at a special prize . I am sure many would have bought into it and later find the kofta is real awful. Atleast I would have ... :) 

Saturday 17 January, 2009


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Neha sent me this pic, which shows the influence of Google among common public.It's actually a name board of cart selling Golas (Kala Khatta), a type of Indian snow cone . Until recently GOOGLE never advertised ,  atleast not in India.Only after the introduction of sms search,I could see heavy outdoor advertisements because its not just netizens anymore ,but it even wants to tap mobizens (my term for heavy mobile users) who are a growing segment-(mobile downloads are the  latest rage) .

After seeing these pic,I think  Google will become a familiar name among masses(or is it already??).How many web portals can achieve this?? Yes Yahoo! also has started putting ads in city busses,but to what extent it has reached the masses?? I guess very little.  

Obama mania is another example of this type of buzz, I mean even regional magazines had pictures,jokes,trivia,etc about him  and it was one of the hot topics discussed even in tea stalls,lunch breaks etc.  But atleast in that the mass media were hyping about it.

But in this case , I guess it just spawned ... way to go Google!!

Friday 16 January, 2009

IPHONE @ RS 1000 /day

Dhiru ,one of the imagemobile fanatics in my class,changed his cell phone again.As a new year change he shifted from HTC models to the still hot what's the big deal??

The Iphone was 7 days old and so he got it for Rs7000 less. So why did the user sell this in the first place?? He was not finding the touch interface simple and it was too complicated for him to perform basic tasks like making calls, sms, etc. So he decided to sell and every day the phone stays in his hand reduced the selling price as the original price may come down at any time. Just imagine,that guy has spent like Rs1000/day for using the Iphone.

So was it a impulse purchase ? I guess so.I think that guy was clueless about Apple & Iphone.He just bought it to show off.But then he could not use it for even normal usage so he had to sell it. And so Dhiru got a good deal.But even Dhiru will sell it probably in a couple of months [he gets bored soon I guess :)..],when some other "not so smart "guy struggling with his new smartphone offers a good deal or if HTC G1 comes to India.

I am just wondering what will be the price of a Iphone one year from one....any guesses???

Wednesday 14 January, 2009

Brand BJP and its Ambassador Advaniji

Disclaimer : I am not endorsing Mr.Advani,BJP or their ideas & views .

The Bharathiya Janata Party has embraced the world wide web in order to cover the netizens as well.Shri L.K. Advani-Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has setup a web site with a specific objective of connecting with youth and a global audience .

Neatly designed with a intro voice message from Mr.Advani himself,the web site features everything about him the party,the achievements, the promises and get this.....a blog too.

Even though I am averse to all Indian Political Parties ,as a marketer I am impressed. imageTake a look at the new logo and the web site , it has a clear message.BJP is connecting with netizens,while others are still lagging behind.Also this will give the party a global visibility. Think about the perception that corporates,Govt Officials & others in foreign countries will have about Indian Political parties.

Now that's brand building in the internet age...

Festive Greetings Everyone...

image image

Today is also celebrated as TAMIL NEW YEAR (earlier it was on April 14th )

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு  நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்


Tuesday 13 January, 2009

>>>>>MJ>>> IS >>>BACK>>> ONLINE>>>>

Hi everyone.....if you haven't noticed,this new year is not that great..specially for my blog...Tiger the prime driver and first critic of my blog got lil too annoyed at me for not blogging despite his constant nagging..that he put a comment on my previous post. so what really happened to me ??

Here is the reason some of  you might know I am 'reverse dieting' (pls dont lol) and so I started  to eat 4 times a day.Not just that I used to put a lot of effort on group assignments,but the first two weeks my groupmates took charge and I just relaxed.

This is very new to my mental and physical routine so there were side effects .I  ate  right times all  and slept early.So I just ate all day and slept all reading , blogging ,orkuting etc

Funny thing is all these days I did not have proper food or sleep, used to burn the midnight oil for studies , blogging etc but still stay bright in class..but once I started having a proper routine like others I felt very tired & drowsy and didn't do any work.

My friends say me I am weird because what's normal to them (good food & proper sleep) is weird to me..anyways I am slowly adjusting to this  so called normal life..hopefully I will adjust soon..I will be blogging steadily but may be in a slower pace...    Pls put in ur feedback about the new stretched  look..I felt I can use more space for the pics..


Sunday 4 January, 2009


Coming soon to a store near you mobiles

NOKIA -N97,E63,Slide,5130,5300


HTC - G1,S740,HD





new year 2009


new year 20091



SONY-G705 &W705

For more details here

Thursday 1 January, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 , orkut ascii designed scraps , glitter graphics

Its a New Beginning a De Novo..May all your dreams come true  and have a wonderful 2009..
Post in your resolutions and any other interesting resolutions in the comments page..