Sunday 14 March, 2010

thank u Tatuaj :)

I ran a  test search for my blog in Baidu  and got  this page with my blog link.  if u have a blog run random test searches like this ...u never know wat u may find

Bing Bang Theory

Last week , Motorola announced it will be shipping its Android handsets for China  preloaded with Bing and not Google. This may not come as a surprise as Google is in a ‘Game Over’ status in China.
Bing has been growing slowly & steadily since its launch almost a year ago.  It has not shaken Google’s dominance in search enginegoogle-yahoo-bing, but it has definitely has definitely pricked.   
Jeff Bertolucci of  PC World  gives the most likely scenario as “The most likely scenario: Bing is gaining, Yahoo draining, and Google maintaining”.
Bing’s market share has been gaining for the 9th straight month  and hovers around a decent 10% (US only). The deal with Yahoo has certainly proved useful for Microsoft as Bing has been stealing Y!’s share and not Google’s. But if Google is exiting China and Bing is entering through Android, it will be a huge opportunity to strengthen its share. But of course, Bing has through battle with Chinese Big brother Baidu but still this is big news for Bing.

Monday 8 March, 2010

IPL – Innovative Performers League

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
One of the factors to achieve greatness , is to stand the test of time , and that’s why Shakespeare is considered the greatest playwright ever.
Even today the above mentioned quote from “As You Like It” is put to good use to generate billions of revenue , providing employment to thousands of people and most of all entertaining billions of people just using a bat & a ball.
Ruchi, asked me a few days before “what do you think of IPL?”.I imagehad no answer then.I haven't had thought about it much .But the more I thought about it, I saw more drama than the sport itself. After watching Harsha Bhogle’s TED talk on IPL , my bro and I couldn’t decide whether he was favoring IPL or mocking it. But it did strengthened my opinion that IPL is more about business than cricket
IPL1 was good , IPL 2 was better, and I am sure IPL 3 would be even better ,not because of cricket but because of the controversies .