Friday 28 January, 2011

BSNL Brings iPad to India

Its official…but not quite as usual Apple surprised us….except this is more like shock to the Apple Indians who were waiting for the official iPad launch.

image I am guessing, the only reason BSNL got first preference because its the only service provider with the most 3G coverage. Hope Airtel catches upon soon.

Anyway..according to reports the price starts from 26k for 16 GB Wi-Fi only and the 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi is priced at a outrageous 44k.

The iPad data plans from BSNL is more outrageous than its price Even though the 3G model is offered from BSNL you can still change the SIM (but the ? is which one !!)

Like i said earlier, wait for your right tablet…..

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