Thursday, 28 May, 2009

bing……. from Microsoft

Microsoft’s new search engine which was rumored for quite some time under project name KUMO has indeed become aimage reality.      MS has officially announced that the new kind of search engine termed the “Decision engine” will be launched very soon. This decision engine is named “bing” which i personally feel that its a lil lousy,but considering “kumo” its far more better.The site is already up but not yet running. 

The letter  page describes the objective and need for for a new search engine and also mentions new features like cashback offers,Price Predictor which are very new to a search engine.

image        Click above to have a peek to the “bing “–the decision engine

Although bing is not a Google killer,if it catches on,I think it has great potential to generate more revenue than any other search engine because of it new features like Price Predictor which will attract firms to tie up with bing on revenue sharing basis rather than just advertising.

But of course, when it comes to simple search  Google will still rule and we all know why…coz its really simple..just Google it :)


  1. Good M.J ... and tell me from where do u get these news ... So that i even will have a Track of these things ....

  2. thanks Shiv...i follow tech blogs like cnet ZDNet,Gizmodo,engadget etc etc...and also twitter is one of the best sources..i.e.if you follow the right tweeters...

  3. as usual... MS again copied....
    but dis time from india...
    guess wat...? the name "Bing"from our BINGO
    hehe...... :)

  4. great. i to ahve seen this bign thing nw ang then. is it up??

  5. yes it is up ..though all the features are available only in US for time being but u can view it from anywhere by changing the country settings.
    thanks for comments..keep visiting :)